Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring is one of our most popular floors due to the classic beauty it offers added to their endurance and durability. It increases in style with and becomes more beautiful with age.

It is warm to the touch, excellent thermal insulation, easy to maintain and keep clean, hygienic and dust free so good for allergies sufferers.

It is subject to almost infinite variations in colours, grain, patterns and textures, giving your floor Individuality.


Solid wood floor fiiting service is taken with extra care in planning and installation. It must be installed in a moisture controlled environment. Before proceeding, our team will make sure your subfloor is ready to take your new floors without the risk of environment interaction.


We use mainly non-hazardeous wood floor adhesions, primers and moisture banners. Our flexible adhesives range is designed to allow the hardwood floors have their natural moves during seasons, while keeping their solid state intact.